What is this system ?

This system is a platform where everyone can make money in a common way.
Users add shortened links to the system and earn credits by clicking on links of other users.
In response to credits, your links are displayed by other users.

What should I do

  • Register

    Register now by filling out our registration form on our system

  • Shorten Link

    There is a special link for you on the panel. Specify the site you want to shorten the link to. Shorten your link by opening this site and add it to our system. Then confirm.

  • Win together

    Earn credits by clicking on someone else's links. As much as you earn, your connections are clicked by others.


  • 45 Short Link
  • 1,093 Clicks
  • 6.3 Günlük Tıklanma
  • 97 Total Members
  • 6 Referenced member


12/11/2017 - Fix - A click on a link will not come out again until 24 hours and 10 minutes have elapsed. Thus it says the trouble of clicks will be minimized.
11/11/2017 - New - Chat Panel Opened
01/11/2017 - Our Site is Opened
25/10/2017 - Beta process started


Do you have to win with us? You both win and invite your friends to win them. The bigger the system, the more you gain. Invite your friends to grow our system.

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